10 Ways to Know If Your Guy is Ready to Love You Right

10 Ways to Know If Your Guy is Ready to Love You Right

It is never easy to discern if the guy you are with is really ready for long-term love.  Time and affections are valuable commodities and the sooner you can have your fears assuaged the better!

Here are ten ways to help you know for sure that your guy is in it for the long haul:

  1. He Actively Shares His Passions with You

Men who are ready for long-term relationships will be open about personal information.  Those mature enough for lasting love will readily share his thoughts on career growth, family planning and hobbies with you.  He is excited about the prospect of you seeing all his facets.

  1. He’s Authentic

Men with ample maturity will be genuine and never have you questioning his intentions.  He goes out of his way to build and sustain trust with you.  His values and beliefs are essential to both his life and the way he loves.  By walking the walk, he shows you it is safe to let down your guard.

  1. He Manges his Money Well

It doesn’t matter how much money is in his bank, it’s that he is a savvy spender.  He knows the difference between when it’s time to save and when a treat is appropriate.  He is able to find the balance between planning to purchase a house or reliable car, and enjoy the occasion night out on the town with you.

  1. He’s Been in Long-term Relationships Before

By you not being his first serious romance, it shows he is capable of the work that relationships entail.  It is import that he was able to learn from each failed romance so that he can become a more supportive partner.

  1. He Acts Maturely

You know that when you are with him that you are his lover and not his mother!  He shows you that he is capable of running his own life and is able to be a partner in your affair.  Although he seeks your advice on matters, he isn’t expecting you to solve every problem that arises.

  1. His Expectations are Realistic

He has lived life and knows what is appropriate (and not) in a relationship.  He knows that together you both will face bad times as well as the good.  He trusts that you will be able to handle yourself and will work with you to smooth over any miscommunications or misunderstandings.

  1. He Values Differences

A mature man doesn’t expect life to be homogenized.  He knows that each person is unique and respects a variety of opinions and life experiences.  By showing you that he is respectful of others and embraces variety, he is showing that he’ll be a respectful partner that can be flexible as changes arise.

  1. He Fights Fair

Arguments and disagreements will always happen in any relationship.  But there is distinct difference between a person that has violent outbursts and one with a steady affect.  A man is ready for a serious relationship if he is able to avoid yelling and instead uses a calm mind to solve problems.

  1. He’s Aware of His Shortcomings

A man ready for love knows he isn’t perfect.  He welcomes options to improve himself and further his station in life.  He owns it when he makes a mistake and takes active steps to avoid it from happening again in the future.  Likewise, he is able to see you as you are and willing to forgive any missteps you might make.

  1. You Feel Like His Partner

It doesn’t matter what mood he is in; you always know he is your number one supporter.  He doesn’t just show you that he loves you when it is on his timeline, you feel special all the time.  By being aware of your feelings and needs it shows he is ready to love you the way you deserve.  He is all in for this romance and he’ll be there for you even in the roughest of times.

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