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How to Keep the Long-Distance Spark Alive

Long-Distance Spark Alive

Are you in a long-distance relationship and you worry that you aren’t going to be able to keep the relationship alive and strong? There are many things that you can do to keep your relationship moving and make you feel like you are closer.

The thing that makes a long-distance relationship work is to make sure that you aren’t just talking to each other and that you aren’t just pen pals. This means that you have to figure out how to spend time together without just doing calling or Facetime. You have to find a way to be romantic and intimate with each other even when you are far from each other.

People might even see how great your relationship is and come to you to get advice on their own relationships.

Facetime Calls and Skype Dating

Since you will not be able to hang out like you want to, you have to be able to really reach out and connect with your partner. There is so much social media and technology that you can find ways to hang out without being together.

Try to do things different than just Face Timing each other and be creative. You can do video chat dates, or you can do things such as cooking the same meals while you are on video calls with your partner. Make sure that you fix up on your “date night” and then figure out who is calling first.

Set the area on your end for the romantic night. Make sure that you set the mood as if you are together. Set up a backdrop or light some candles and make it look like you are actually sitting face to face for dinner. Do not get on your phone or watch television when you are doing this but give your undivided attention to your partner.

Send Gifts

Send out special gifts even when there is no special occasion. Make sure that the gifts you send are some of their favorite things such as CD’s, snacks, movies or whatever will be fun for them.

The point behind these gifts is to be creative and show how much you know them. The point is also to make them feel special and to keep them smiling.

If there is a long time between the next time you get to see your partner, keep sending out gifts so that they will have fun and not grow tired of the relationship.

Online Gaming

Find games online that you can play together and at the same time. Some things will let you play together, and it can keep the fun and the spark moving in your relationship.

You don’t even have to have an X-Box or any other gaming console to do this, but you can use different Apps on your phone to sign in to the same game.

This can help you to stay active with each other when you aren’t making a boring phone call.

Follow Them on social media

You can even be part of your partners family, like you would in person, by following them on your social media pages. Comment on things that they post and message them to check on them here and there. Find ways to connect with them and talk about the future.

Always make sure that you are using good intentions and that you aren’t trying to spy or pry on your partner. You need to do this to show them care and not because you don’t trust them.

Sending Nudes

Since you cannot be intimate on a daily basis with your partner, you can keep the spice going in the relationship by sending things such as nudes. You can find creative ways to send the pictures and whatever pictures that you send, make sure that you are feeling comfortable and that you don’t feel guilty when you do this.

This should be something that you both like. You can send them selfies of you pouting while missing them or send whole pictures of yourself before going out with your friends. Keep it exciting.

Go to Vacation Together

One thing that you can do to keep the spark alive is to travel to new places together. Instead of always coming home or going to your partner, find places that you have never been and both of you go to those places together.

Plan the details of your trip beforehand and make the trip something exciting that you want to do together.

Know When You Will See Them

When you know the time that you are going to see your partner in person can make it easier to wait and to work through the time apart. This can keep negative feelings away and can make you feel more positive about your relationship. It is easier to wait when you know that you will see your partner soon.

Write Letters

People don’t often think of writing real letters because they take so long to get to their destination but writing letters to someone that you are dating long distance can be fun and exciting. It can give them something to look forward to and it can be very romantic.

Writing letters can be much more personal than sending a text and it gives your partner something physical to hold on to. Try spraying your letter with your own perfume so that they can keep your scent close to them.


When you are with someone that you cannot be with and hold hands with every day, it can be harder to keep the relationship alive. You have to find ways to be more creative. One way that you can do this is to flirt with your partner.

Flirting makes people drawn into you and if you are attracted to your partner as much as you were when you first started dating, flirt like it.

Long distance relationships are hard to keep up but if you put in the effort, you can make it work better than you imagined.

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