Being in Spiritual Love

Being in Spiritual Love

Love comes in different ways and forms and one form is spiritual love. You will know by these signs that you are in spiritual love with someone.

People will do almost anything for love or with love. Some will run from it, some will run away from home to be in love with someone, some will be in abusive relationships, some will dedicate their time and feelings to love.

Many people think they are in love, but they really do not know what love means. They do not know what true, spiritual love is. Some relationships are based on obsessing and being jealous while others even go through mental and physical abuse, but they call it love.

Some people will make their partners not be able to have any other friends or family and this is definitely not love, no matter how much they say it is.

Spiritual love is when you are able to be your own person, even if you have love and passion and you are able to love without having rules for each other. This is a love that is unconditional. This is love that happens even through your partners flaws and even when they aggravate you. You will love them no matter what even when they are criticizing you.

Some people claim to love someone, but it is like a spell has been on you. They do not really appreciate you but deep down you still love them.

If you find that you love someone no matter what and no matter what you do, they appreciate you, chances are that you are in spiritual love.

Here are some ways that you will know:


Relationships have to have strong communication and couples are often unable to do this. If you are able to have open communication, then you will be strong, and you will be able to talk and listen. You will know that your partner appreciates and supports you and this will be a love that lasts.

When you enjoy being with each other and you take time to communicate, this means there is no interruption and you care and support each other completely.


People in a relationship should have equality. They should have roles in life, but the respect should always be there. There are duties that each of you will have but in spiritual love, you handle things together. You be with your partner and you do not judge them.

Being this kind of partner makes you feel closer to each other and to be deeper in love.


Most people understand attraction and when you are with a spiritual partner you will find that you are attracted to them by more than just looks. You will learn to love them and connect with them and you will love them for their mind and emotions.

You will feel deeper for this person than for anyone that you have ever been with. You will have such a strong passion that it will make you feel that you are being carried away.


The spiritual partner that you have will make you feel comfortable. They will be there with you to make it through anything. If you are sad, they will comfort you.

They will be devoted to you and connected to you and you will feel like you have meaning in your life when they are around. They will not judge you or make excuses to be away from you.

Some people spend years trying to make their partner commit to them and with this person you will never feel that. They will always be for you no matter what.


Society expects that you will be with someone and that you should not waste time. They feel that you should get married. Couples want to be together and spend time so society thinks they should up it. The truth is a spiritual relationship means that there is no rush.

No matter how much you are in love, you should allow your energy to connect with your partner and to take time to get to know each other.


Your spiritual partner should make you want to grow. You should want to be the best person you can be. They should not lead you down the wrong path or make it where you have no personal growth, but they should love you through it all.

Do Not Settle

People often want to settle instead of working hard for love. Love is something that demands respect and values. If you are with someone that is not giving you respect or respecting your values, then you will not be able to be with that person for long.

People will settle for less, but it is a bad choice and there should be mutual commitment in your life.

Facts and Feelings

Commitment comes from love. You will fight of course but that doesn’t mean that you are in a terrible relationship. You will get mad at your partner but when you are committed you learn to let things go because you love each other.


Being in a spiritual relationship means that you will be connected to each other. You will be comfortable with each other and you will enjoy each other. They will always be confident with you and vise versa. This will lead to strong love.


Each relationship goes and comes at a different speed. When you and your soulmate are together and you have found each other, you might not have the excitement of a new relationships forever, but the curiosity should stay.

As the years pass, you should want to be with each other, and you should want to fulfill your life with your partner. You will see growth and you will see your partner living a life that has you right in the balance. They will give you the chance to grow old together and will love you no matter what.

Spiritual Love

You should never settle for less and you should benefit from the love that your partner gives you. Spiritual love has no boundaries and it is unconditional. Everyone wants to have spiritual love and it is something that you cannot really prepare for.

Couples who are spiritually in love are happier and they grow and learn to love and appreciate each other. This is a love that is like none other.

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