Everyone Isn’t Mad at You!

Everyone Isn’t Mad at You

Maybe you are always out, and you see someone, and your first thought is how much they hate you. This will be a thought that might stay in your mind all day. You might try and remember the last time that you talked to that person or the history that you had with them. Maybe you even had a nonconfrontational meeting with them and you didn’t say anything hurtful or off handed to them and you don’t know what you did wrong.

Then later, when you see that person again, they might tell you how much they missed you and be all smiles that they ran into you. This can give you a relief that they didn’t actually hate you at all.

As you worry about people being mad or hating you, you can see that this is a bad habit. If someone sends you a text that isn’t overly friendly, you might think they are mad or if they don’t see you and say hi to you at the store, they are mad at you.

If this is happening, know that you aren’t alone. There are some people that think that everyone is mad at them, or everyone hates them but where do these thoughts originate?

Stop Thinking They Are Mad!

You have to stop thinking that everyone is mad at you and embrace the idea that someone might not see you, might be busy or might be rushed. Here are some ways to change your mindset:

  • Look at Your Behaviors

Look at your behaviors and how you look at others. Here are ways that you can make sure that your own behaviors are in check:

    • Have integrity when you speak: This means don’t gossip and don’t put people down. Don’t talk about anyone in a negative way.
    • Stop taking everything personally: Just because someone doesn’t say something to you it doesn’t mean anything.
    • Ask questions: If you think someone is upset with you, ask them. Find out what you might have done. By asking what you did or asking if they are upset, you can get peace of mind.
    • Be honest: Be honest about what you are feeling or about what you did. If you were rude to someone, be honest with this and admit you were wrong.
  • Notice Their Look

Look at the eyebrows of someone that you are talking to. You can tell someone is upset by how their eyebrows are. When you are feeling that someone is mad at you or they are ignoring you, look to see what kind of eyebrows they have. You should be able to tell if someone is angry or upset.

  • Admit Your Mistakes

If you have done something to hurt someone, admit it and try to fix it. Don’t ask if they are mad at you, ask them if they are okay. If they want to talk to you and tell you what is bothering them, they will.

Final Thoughts

Most of the time, no one is going to be mad at you unless you went out of your way to do something wrong. Don’t waste your time and your life being upset about something that probably isn’t even true. The person might have just been busy, or they might have something else on their mind. Accept this and learn to have a happy personality with everyone that you meet.

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