Saving Your Relationship

Saving Your Relationship

When the honeymoon phase is over, you have to learn to deal with the relationship and be able to keep it going for a long time.  You have to get rid of any past resentments or the relationship will fall apart for many reasons.  You have to recognize if there is a bad relationship happening and know when you need to end it and move on.  You need to have love and conversation with your partner if you want it to last.

More than 70% of people in relationships break up before the first year is over.  This means that there is a hard chance of keeping a relationship together and this is always increasing.

If you are facing needs in your relationship and you realize things need to be fixed, take time to figure out how you can rekindle your feelings for your partner and fix your relationships.


Everyone has needs and, in a relationship, these needs need to be made.  There needs to be understanding and everyone has to be on the same page.  Take a moment to reflect on your relationship and talk to your partner.  Talk about the times when you feel that your partner is not meeting your needs.  Be open and honest and let go of past hurts.

Couples need to take time to work on the relationship together if they want to save it.  NO relationship will be perfect, and it is hard work.


Communication is one of the biggest problems in failed relationships.  This is because conversations can quickly turn into arguments and make everyone feel bad about them.  You need to be able to talk to your partner and respect them and tell them what you want to say.  You need to understand them and when you feel that you need to say something, say it.

Use reflective listening by taking responsibility for what is being said and don’t blame your partner for all the wrongs.

Communicating is listening and trying to fix something.  If the conversation shifts and makes you feel that you are the blame, think about what is being said.  Pay attention to your behavior and let your partner know how important that they are.  Talk about things that make you feel unimportant and talk about it kindly and with love.

Calm Down

Humans are selfish and when being in a relationship gets hard, look to see if you are giving your partner the same respect, they are giving you.

Stop trying to control them and learn to make sacrifices.  Don’t hold on to things that are pointless and spend time together sacrificing for each other.  You can sacrifice some time and spend it with your partner.

Having a deeper level in the relationship means that you have expectations and you try hard in the relationship.  People expect there to be only passion and this is not true.

Relationships will have hard times and if you really love your partner, you will work hard to make sure that things are able to work out.  You need to be excited about working out your problems and work to keep the relationship going longer than a year.

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