When it Seems too Good to Be True

When it Seems too Good to Be True

When you meet a guy and you feel that he is perfect, kind, and loving, or if it seems to be too good to be true, chances are it is. Here are some ways you can know it is too good to be true:


Remember, everyone will have some kind of flaw, and the perfect guy has just realized what he needs to do to seem perfect. Flaws are a beautiful thing but with these guys the come across fake because they have no flaws. You end up being bored with them.

When you find someone that is so perfect, you will realize that they are wearing a mask or find out that they have a hidden agenda. Love is often hidden, and they are not who they really are in front of you.


A guy that comes across perfect might be hiding something, figure out what they have to reveal before you get too involved.


Guys that come across as perfect and hot can be a problem because even though they are good looking, it doesn’t mean that they don’t come with problems. They will be used to getting all of the attention and they can get bored with you fast if you don’t give them enough.


Guys that seem to be perfect think they are everything. The compliments will go to their head.


When a guy thinks he is perfect, he will not believe that he has to put in too much effort. He will expect you to do all the work and to please him constantly.

Fake Perfect

Even though a guy seems perfect, it doesn’t mean he is perfect in real life. You may end up wishing that you had a spark int eh relationship and that you found someone different.


Guys that come across as perfect will disappoint you when you realize what flaws they have. You expect them to be perfect and they aren’t.

Trying Hard

Guys that are perfect seem to be nice and if they are too nice you should take that as a warning sign. Make sure that he is not trying to manipulate you or use you and find out if he is really that nice or just putting on a show.


Some guys that seem perfect want to take up all of your time and become very clingy. They think that you should bend over backwards for them and that you always want to be with them.

Mental Problems

If a guy seems too good to be true, chances are he has a flaw like a mental problem. He might be a sociopath or someone that is not safe to be around.


Guys that come across as perfect will often times be very fake. They will seem that they have connected with you and will make you feel like you have a perfect relationship, but it is just a joke.


When a guy wants to show off that he is met for you, he might try to act perfect at first. He will want to move fast so that you do not find out who he really is. Figure out who this guy is before you get attached.

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