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Dog Miracle Stories

Dog Miracle

Dogs have a spirit just like people do. They can be part of the angelic or divine realm. Dogs are all good and they will be blessed rather they are on earth, or they are somewhere else. There are dogs that come to watch over their owners.

Some people remember their best animal friends and miss them each and every day. Know that they are in heaven, and they are hanging out with their other dog friends.

Dogs and Heaven

There are dogs that will die and leave you and they can get their angel wings and go to a better place. There is a story of St. Francis who loved animals but there was also a patron saint of dogs, and this was Roch who was a patron to everyone. This is a dog that was a Greyhound.

He was a good dog, and he had an owner that he spent his life serving because he was sickly. When he got the plague though, he was thrown out from the village, and he would wonder the woods by himself and would soon die. He would have died form hunger and disease but there was a dog that lived with an aristocrat. The legend says that the dog would give him bread to eat and would lick the wounds that he had until they healed.

After the plague ended and the dog had taken care of Guinefort and saved his life, he later found that the baby was missing, and the infant had turned the crib over and the dog was covered in blood. The nobleman thought that Guinefort killed the infant and killed the dog but then later found the baby safe under the crib and a dead snake that the dog had killed to save the baby.

Once he realized that he made a mistake, he buried the dog, and he planted trees and stones around the site. This showed bravery to the dog for saving the baby and many of the people in the area would visit the grave.

The Greyhound dog went to heaven and is now a legend and considered a saint. He would bring healing miracles in his name, and he was given the name of a miracle worker because of what he did.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are everywhere and they are there to greet you and to meet you when you come home. They are there to have unconditional love for you and to take care of you. They can warn you when someone comes that shouldn’t be in your home or they can comfort you when you are sad or not feeling good. They are great animals, and they are animals that love you and love their people unconditionally.

Dogs are great companions and once you have one you will know how sweet and how great they are, and you will strive to know them more. If you need to know your pet more, talk to a pet psychic and get answers today.

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