dating over 40 for women

Why do I have a blog? How did it come about? Read on and get to know a bit about me!

My name is Amy, and I’m a single mom. I have a son who’s 21 and a daughter who’s 19. My husband and I divorced more than 15 years ago. I created because I know what it’s like to be a single parent.

Yes, I’ve had heard all the snarky comments and personal jibes. Yes, I know what it’s like to have days go by with the only adult conversation you’ve had was with the mailman (until he got totally creeped out). I know what it’s like to juggle children and child care with a career and a social life. Yes, I’ve tried online dating, complete with cringe-worthy first (and last!) dates.

Now, Regarding Why I Started The Blog…

My goal has always been to help other single parents realize that it’s okay to be a single parent and start dating. I created to share that support.

I do the parenting gig alone. When there are major issues, my ex and I are capable of civil conversation. But when it comes right down to it, I’m really a single parent. I do all the required day-to-day parenting by myself. I still juggle children, money, and work. I still have days when I’m the only adult I’ve talked to. I still have days when I face the decision: Eat, or turn on the heat? Yes, my kids are older now. That makes some things easier, while at the same time making other things more difficult. It’s like an adventure and a nightmare at the same time.

I’m passionate about helping other women realize that it’s okay to be a single mom. It’s just fine that we don’t all have the “normal” up. It’s frustrating when people assume that we’re all just still waiting for “Mr. Right,” or that we can’t possibly be satisfied as single mothers. I know I’m certainly not the first one or the only one to feel like this, and I certainly won’t be the last. I honestly hope I can make a difference!