Having Affairs and Attractions

Affairs and Attractions

It is normal for people to make new friends and to have relationships outside of the marriage but when things become an emotional bond between a person and someone else, this is kind of a betrayal or the feelings of an affair.

Friendships should be there that aren’t based on attraction. You should be drawn to people because of their personality and because of the things you have in common. If you are attracted to someone outside of your marriage, this will threaten your marriage and will cause you to miss out on a good life. This is hurtful to everyone involved.

What Does it Mean to Have an Affair?

There are both emotional and sexual affairs. This can happen between two people. This is a betrayal that you do to your partner.

Having an emotional affair can be even more damaging than a sexual affair because of the intimacy that you will have with this person. This will cause damage to your relationship.

Being Jealous

Jealousy will come into your relationship when you are giving your attention o someone else. Jealousy should warn you that there is something wrong. Jealousy is something that you should pay attention to and that you should learn to notice so that you can realize something serious is happening.

Attraction and Missing Pieces

Being attracted to another person means that you are missing something in your current relationship. Some relationships lack in things but this happens between both people in the relationship. You cannot meet all needs in a relationship, but you should try.

Attraction will show you the things that are missing in your relationship. Maybe you have a very secure relationship, but you are missing out on fun and sex. Maybe you want more adventure and so you are drawn to other people that go out and have fun.

A person that lives for passions with their partner might feel stable, but they have to do more to make the relationship more exciting so that they don’t wander into a different relationship.


You need to communicate about what is going on in your relationship and what you are feeling. Doing this will allow the relationship to be fixed. You have the ability to fix things that go wrong as long as you talk about them.

If your partner acts like they don’t care about things, you need to figure out how to spend time with a counselor or someone that you can talk to together.

Learn to spend less time with the person you are attracted to and make sure that you try to get your partner to do things with you. If they refuse, that is on them and you should still go out and have fun and enjoy your passions.


You need to make sure that you are growing and taking the responsibility of being in a relationship. Do not let things become defensive and do not let your partner become unattractive to you. Learn to respond in a positive way and to show them that you care about them. Talk to them and find out what is wrong.

Other Ideas

If another person is attracted to you, learn to pay attention less to these things and talk more to your partner. Learn to be caring and loving and learn to overlook the flaws that your partner has.

Avoiding Affairs

Affairs are going to hurt your relationship. The more you see that you are attracted to someone, the faster you can end the relationship and you can move on with your partner for a better life. Cut people out of your life that you are attracted to.

If you are drawn to someone outside of your marriage, find out what is going on inside of your marriage and put in work to make it better. Give in to the relationship and learn to love each other and restrain yourself from being attracted to other people.

When you have an affair, you cause pain to everyone that is involved. You forget the value of your partner and you forget what your relationship really means to you. This can be painful for everyone involved in this.

Even though affairs often seem exciting, you will see that you will have pain and you will be hurt in the end, as long as hurting your partner and your lover.

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