Stop Chasing Him

Stop Chasing Him

One funny thing about life is that women want men to chase them but a lot of time they are the ones chasing. Women have a hard time feeling that they are not good enough and they do not realize that they deserve to be chased.

Women always tend to give themselves fully to others and it makes things hard and it makes it hard to make relationships work because it takes two to make a good relationship. It takes two people for love and if there is only one that is trying, what is the point?

If a guy is not treating you how you want to be treated, stop making excuses for him and stop waiting for them to change. No one is going to change for you, and you need to stop waiting to be treated how you want to be traded. You do deserve to be chased and respected and if you are in a relationship where that is not happening, maybe it is time to move on.  There are some things that will happen when you stop chasing and let them see how important you are.

Missing You

When you stop chasing someone, they will see that something good in their life is gone. They will realize that they miss you and they miss the attention that you were giving them. Let them be until they miss it and once you stop chasing you will see that they miss everything about you.

Learn to take care of who you are and let yourself be treated the way you want to be and deserve to be treated. If he wants you to still chase him, stop giving him attention till he chases you. If this doesn’t happen, walk away, even if it is hard. If he really wants to be with you, he will begin to chase you and that is how it should be.

He Will Chase

Once he realizes that you are no longer chasing him, his interest will peak. He will realize that he wants you by his side and he will begin chasing you.

He will begin to remember all the good times you had together and since you are not there with him anymore, he will go after you. Men love to hunt and if you give them a reason to chase, it will be a good thing for both of you.

You showed him who you are and now back off and let him return the chasing and be careful about how you go about it. Begin to act like a prize and let him know how much you are worth. Let him see he is about to lose you, and this will make your dating experience more valuable. Once he thinks you are moving on you will see that he will make time for you.

When you decide to stop chasing, he will become more random and will do things to talk to you. He will talk about things that interest you and fill you with compliments. Men know what you want, and they notice when you work hard and feel good about yourself. Keep feeling good about who you are and see how it changes.

Noticing People Chasing You

When you stop showing so much interest in one guy, he will begin to notice that other guys are chasing you. He will see that other people like you, and he will begin to get worried that he will lose you.

Since you have showed him so much love, he will think you only have eyes for him but when other people start asking you out and showing interest in you, he will realize he could lose you.

Give yourself a chance to be with other guys that make you feel like a queen. This doesn’t mean that you stopped loving him, but you are just waiting for him to get his stuff together.

Don’t be afraid to open up to new people and to try new things. Give other people a chance and you might see that you are more interested in them than your past relationship. You never know what life can bring you if you are afraid of meeting new people.

Bad Dates

When you are always chasing someone, you will realize that there are dates but many of them are bad. You will see that you need to stop allowing there to be bad dates and demand more.

The love that you have for this guy can allow you to make excuse after excuse for his behavior but in the end, you need to decide if it is worth it. Do you feel that you are in a situation where you always have to beg for his time? If so, stop doing it.

When you like someone you will do things for them but when you are no longer facing bad dates, you will see that you have more free time for you and you can grow and stop thinking about him all the time. Find what makes you happy and learn to love being single.


People that date someone and love them tend to forget about their friends or drift away from family. When you stop chasing the love of your life, you can spend more time with friends and family, and you can learn to increase your bonds.

You will be with people that will not judge you and that you can cry to and show them how much you hurt. Remember that these are the same people that have always been there for you, even when you weren’t there for them.

Take a weekend getaway and spend time getting to know them again. Focus on having new fun and adventures and make new memories.

Take the opportunity to pretend that tomorrow is your last day of your life and make it great.

Enjoy Life

You will see once you stop chasing that you can enjoy life. Learn to have fun again and instead of always focusing on him, focus on enjoying your life and being free.

Learn to be around people that appreciate you and that build you up instead of tear you down. He may not have meant to make you lose your spark, but he did, and you need to stop giving into him and allowing him to do that.

Once you are drained and empty feeling it is hard to get love back and you need to stop chasing before you get to that point. Learn to have fun and enjoy life and love who you are.

Doing this can boost your confidence and make you enjoy your life like never before.


Remember that whatever happens with your relationship, you deserve to be treated well. You need to understand that even if you have to walk away that you will be okay. Deserving to be treated well is important and you need to find your worth.

Stop chasing people that don’t want to get caught and let them see how important you are. This is a situation that you cannot lose.

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