I’m The Complete Package, So Why Can’t I Find Love

I’m The Complete Package, So Why Can’t I Find Love

Sadly, it happens that as people become more aware of their full potential is can be increasingly difficult to find a suitable mate.  Although it seems counterintuitive at first, there are many reasons this is a common occurrence.

Read on discover a few reasons why its difficult for awesome people to find love, and what you can do find your perfect partner:

You’re viewed as out of one’s league:  You’re a catch worthy a trophy and people know it!  That can be a bit intimating for many people.  So instead of taking a chance of letting your gifts rub off on them, people can ignore you for a safer option.  Instead of letting this bum you out, focus on that cutie that noticed you drinking at the bar and bought you a second round.

You’re extra – in the best ways possible:  You’re a lot of many different attributes and that can be overwhelming for people.  Your skills come together in a brilliant kaleidoscope.  Pay special attention to the people that seek to delve deeper into your insights!

You refuse to settle:  It’s not like you didn’t have opportunity to date people before, it’s just that they let you down.  Accept that you have standards and are looking for partners that align with your values and goals.  It might take more time than most, but when that special person walks in the door, you’ll be prepared to have a real relationship and not just a fling.

Your confidence is daunting:  You knew your full value and that can be intimidating to people.  You deserve to be with a person who is equally as drive and motivated as yourself.

You don’t need to be “completed:” You don’t need to be rescued and you are fine living alone.  Instead of worrying about where love is, enjoy the fact that when it comes calling, you won’t become codependent on your partner.

You know what you want:  It’s OK to be picky when it comes to love, just understand that means it might take longer for you than other people.  Be willing to explore your list of “must” in a partner and be willing to reevaluate your priorities.  You don’t want to be so particular with what you expect your ideal paramour to be that you pass up a diamond in the rough.

You attract the wrong people:  The downside of having it altogether is that you might attract the attentions of a user.  People might want to use your assets to have a more lucrative life or see you as a way of rescuing and rebuilding their sense of self.  Be careful of these toxic leeches and ensure to set fair, yet firm boundaries.

You are too forgiving:  Sometimes when you are looking for love for so long, you start to overly compensate for someone’s shortcomings.  Sure, patience is virtue, but only for those who have proven themselves worthy of your efforts.  During dates be willing to shift your perspective to make sure this person has the purest of intentions towards your time and affection.

You never rest:  When you have a lot of goals it’s easy to be swept away in work, duties and social expectations.  However, when you have too full a calendar you can lose out on the simple happenstances life offers.  Give yourself time to stop being on the clock and give yourself period of time just for yourself.  Go out and be open to meeting new people unexpectedly.  Or perhaps find time to meditate and get better clarity on those issues which have been nagging at you.

You expect your equal:  Sure, you are a giver, but not everyone is as open and kind as you.  Don’t be so generous that you feel accidentally become a doormat.  Likewise, give yourself time alone to look at all the qualities you “expect” your mate to be or possess.  Are any of them unreasonable.  Are any of them something that could evolve with time, but might not be present when you first meet the person?  Be honest with your expectations and be willing to let some of them go.  Don’t let perfection become the enemy of good enough, or you risk never finding your romantic partner.

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