6 Reasons You Should Make Him Come to YOU

6 Reasons You Should Make Him Come to YOU

All to often we meet people who are incapable of sharing our romantic feelings.  It can be easy to give into desires to convince them that you are the right person for them and pursue them.  However, here are six important reasons you should wait for them to make the first move.

  1. Is there sincere interest?

Having to chase someone can show that they are really not attracted to you.  Men, especially often are direct with feeling and don’t require much pursuit.  You will never be able to force anyone into loving you, so relax a bit and if they come to you then you will know without a doubt that they are interested in having a relationship with you.

  1. You deserve to be respected

If you trap someone into a loveless affair then one or both of you risk being hurt.  Men, when they know someone is desperate for their charms can be cruel in relationships.  This includes being taken for granted, treated like a doormat or manipulated.  At the very least he won’t give his all to the relationship, and you deserve a 50/50 partnership.

  1. Healthy levels of self-esteem

When you chase someone, it can cause you to feel a bit desperate or question your self-worth.  Sure, it can start out as a challenge, but with time you can grow tired and frustrated.  All this leads to huge ego blows.  No man is worth you hurting your relationship with yourself.

  1. Self-care is important

When you become so focused on making him fawn over you, you waste precious energy that should be spent on you.  When you let someone come to you, you make sure that you care giving proper time towards your self-care and allows you to be the best version of yourself.

  1. Relationships shouldn’t feel like a rollercoaster

When you are chasing someone, it can feel like your life suddenly feels like a strategy game.  This will lead to huge highs and lows that frankly; you really don’t need in your life.  Letting them come to you ensure you feel like a healthy person.

  1. Their ego is never more important than your own!

When someone fails to give you a reason to think you are important, it should make sense that you shouldn’t prioritize their ego over your own.  When you give them more time and attention than you do yourself, then you actually are humiliating yourself.  Never put anyone’s well being over your own.  You really don’t deserve this extra stress, pain and disappointment in your life.

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