7 Ways to Romance an Alpha Woman

7 Ways to Romance an Alpha Woman

Alpha women (Alphas) are the ladies that seem to have it all together.  They are self-assured, driven, successful in their careers and ambitions, as able to handle problems on their own.  People can view Alphas as unique, alluring and possess an attitude that they aspired to cultivate in their own lives.

However, it can be difficult for these women to find a mate that can live up to their pace and expectations of life.  It can take time for an Alpha to find a fulfilling relationship.  Potential partners can be weary of her strength and need for independence.  Her ambitions can at times seem so grand, it can feel overwhelming for the wrong type of person.  But when she falls in love, she does so fully and passionately.

If you are looking to genuinely romance an Alpha you must make sure you have the pure intention to connect with her and support her aspirations.  You must take care to not act selfishly or use her for her power and connections.  She is savvy enough to see through a façade and will actively and passionately rebuke your manipulation!  If you sincerely are able to respect her strength and nurture both her ambitions and spirit, then read on to discover seven ways you can successfully woo an Alpha Woman.

  1. Be respectful

Alphas are busy ladies, and definitely have no time for drama.  When you are able to show her that you value her gifts and her inner strength, then she will be able to slowly relax around you.  As you continue to demonstrate respect for her time, efforts and are able to successfully blend time together and time for individual projects she will begin to let you into her heart.  As you make time for her, she will be able to make time for you.  If you have any concerns have open and honest dialogues and be receptive to her feedback on ways to creating mutually beneficial solutions.  Alpha women are drawn to people that value romance, integrity and consistency.  Once you have her trust, you will benefit from her generosity of mind, body and spirit.

  1. Honor her gifts, effort and aspirations

Today’s society is quick to vilify strong women and frequently pit them against each other.  If it’s not a battle of the wills, its often a battle over youth or physical appearance.  When a partner is able to honor an Alpha’s inherent unique gifts, they show her that she is truly valued at her deepest levels.  This will turn on an Alpha Woman and elevates the partner’s contributions in her eyes.  She will begin to think about them nonstop and seek ways of showing her sincere appreciation.

  1. Speak to her in a playful, yet uplifting style of banter

If you can find, and maintain the balance between wit, and joking truths you are in the position to be an ideal mate for an Alpha.  She craves to showcase her intellect and ways to improve her skills.  Creative and playful banter between her and a partner is a great way to strength a union.  The key is to keep things intelligence, kind and playful.  Know both of your limits and honor them!  Never make her the butt of a joke, unless it can fall within your boundaries.  Always pay attention to both of your comfort levels and be upfront if either of you go too far.

  1. Validate her feelings, thoughts and emotions.

Women often feel unheard in society today and can struggle with how to balance their needs with that of their loved one.  When a partner can sincerely validate a woman’s experience and honor her perspective it allows her to build trust with them.  Listen to her experience.  Learn why she is rattled.  Lean into the situation to help show empathy (different than sympathy) and work together to create tangible steps forward.  Don’t automatically provide solutions (unless she clears asks) but empower her to create an action plan.

Due to the business of her life, intensity of her goals and societal manufactured competition, Alphas frequently suppress sharing their emotions.  When a partner is able to give her space to process her inner world, they access a key to the innermost chambers of her heart.  Alpha women crave a safe harbor to let down their guard, rest and recharge.  They crave to be seen, heard and respected.  If you are able to give her this opportunity, she will value you all more, and renew her commitment to give you the level of support and care you desire.

  1. Set and respect healthy boundaries

It always pays to remember that any relationship is a team sport.  If one of you is uncomfortable, you both are uncomfortable.  When you set and respect healthy boundaries it shows one another that you truly care and value your physical, mental and spiritual safety.  A no should always mean no, until a discussion is held to identify if a compromise is possible.  Moreover, hearing a partner say “no” or providing a dynamic discussion or counterargument can thrill an Alpha who is used to controlling a narrative.  These women love a challenge and both respect and get aroused by partners who are able to strongly, yet respectful advocate for their points of view.  In all discussion ensure to maintain a balance between sensitivity and self-respect.

  1. Encourage her it’s okay to not always be ‘in charge’

Let’s face it, Alphas are highly dominant and crave feeling in control.  Being in charge feels safe to them and they enjoy being the CEO of their lives.  When they are encouraged to let their partner assume control in a situation, it can be a major turn on.  Even when they meet a partner that treats them like an equal, an Alpha often will seek to find ways to regain some control or one-up their partner.  This is because it’s innate for them to seek dominance, even if they wish they could dial this drive back.  It’s natural for her to feel competitive, it’s how she has been able to achieve her accomplishments.  By doing something that feels so foreign to her as taking the back seat in a situation, can make her view the dynamic as sexy and alluring.  Remember to remind her losing control with you can feel both sexy and safety.  The safety will give her the added confidence to enjoy exploring this power shift.

  1. Get sentimental

Alpha women typically meet people, especially men who make their emotions and wall-up their true feelings.  This posturing of “strength” feels normal to her.  When you are able to get sentimental, it helps her take down her protective walls brick by brick.  By seeing how you feel safe to get vulnerable, she will in time feel more at ease with showing you her true essence.  Create opportunities daily to tell and show her how you value her gifts and how lucky you feel to have her in your life.  When you trust her enough to share your innermost experiences with her you are able to promote emotional intimacy in your relationship.  This is both shocking and refreshing to an Alpha Woman to experience and will allow you both to create a bond that encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual component to a lasting romance.

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