Signs of Cheating

Signs of Cheating

Women that suspect their partners are cheating will become paranoid and sometimes out of control.  You never know that this is happening until you see your boyfriend acting a certain way and then it causes you to be insecure.  When you become insecure, you will feel paranoid and you will begin to worry if your relationship is real and healthy.

If you are always afraid or fearful that they are cheating, you will keep questioning your partner’s honesty and why they are doing things.  You will cause them to always be controlling your mind.  If a guy decides to cheat on you, you should move on.  The relationship is not worth it if they do not care enough about you to stay true.


When you have a boyfriend and he put a password on his phone or changed it so you cannot get in it, or if he always puts his phone away when you are around so you cannot see it, chances are he is cheating.  Also, if he refuses to share his password or becomes defensive when you ask, this can be a sign he is cheating.

He might start spending more time on his phone or act secret when you show up behind him.  When this happens, you will begin to feel insecure, but this won’t fix anything.  You need to ask him about his behavior and see who he is talking to.


In regard to the phone, if he refuses to answer calls when you are around or if he suddenly will not let you around his phone anymore, chances are he is doing something he shouldn’t be doing.  When you ask him who he is calling and he becomes defensive, take measures against this instead of worrying.  Ask him if he is cheating on you and go from there.


When a couple gets to know each other deeply, they become more comfortable and they stop trying to impress each other.  They stop buying nice clothes or even putting makeup on for you when you go out.  Your boyfriend might stop combing his hair or changing his shirt at night.

When men start cheating, they sometimes start to do changes with their bodies.  They might change their hairstyle or start dressing nice when they go to the store.  They might wear some cologne that they have never worn before.  This can all be to attract a new person.  You are probably not being paranoid; he is probably cheating on you.

Work Time

When your spouse begins spending more time at work and if he says he is working on the weekends, chances are he is staying there so he can be with someone else.  He might make excuses for not calling you at lunch or always be late coming home.  You will begin to feel insecure but this can be a sign that he is cheating on you.


If you feel that your spouse is distancing themselves from you emotionally, sexually or physically, this can cause you to start to wonder what is going on.  You need to communicate with them and see if there are reasons that this is happening.  If they don’t have a real reason to give you, they might be cheating.


Do you notice that there are a lot of fights lately?  Do you feel that your spouse is reversing the fights and making it like it is all about you?  Does he leave without saying what is wrong and without telling you bye because he is angry at you?

Your relationship could be on the rocks and you could start to wonder why he is having such a change in attitude.  This can leave you feeling guilty and can cause you to have strong emotions.  Men that are cheating will sometimes avoid answering questions that their spouse asks because they are lying.


When a man gets moody, they might not be happy in the relationship anymore.  If you notice that your man is always angry or in a bad mood or if he starts accusing you of doing things wrong, chances are he is hiding something.  You might begin to question your relationship, but the truth might be that he is feeling guilty for how he is treating you.


Ever since you have known your spouse, he listened to a certain type of music.  Maybe he loved country music but all of a sudden, he is all about soft rock.  If this happens, he might be getting rid of his old taste because he is listening to another woman’s favorite music and it is getting stuck in his head.  If this happens, there is a good chance he is cheating on you and changing his likes for another woman.


A husband that is cheating will hide how he is spending his money.  He will use a hidden account or use a credit card that is reloadable so that you cannot know where he is spending his money.  This can be so that he can buy stuff for the other person he is seeing.  If you find that your husband is doing this, ask him immediately and ask to see the statements from this card.  Don’t be afraid because chances are, he is cheating on you.


Couples who are first together cannot keep their hands off of each other.  Even when a relationship gets older, sex is still a big part of it and most men will only go a couple of days before they want to have sex.

If you find that your husband is asking for less sex or if he is acting different in bed, chances are he is having sex with a different partner.  Know that something is wrong and tell him that you want to know what is going on.  A man that is cheating will have more confidence when having sex and will want to show off his skills.


If your partner starts buying you things out of the blue, you should ask why.  He could be cheating on you, but he might not be.  A man that is cheating will have a lot of guilt and will want to do something to not make you think he is cheating.


When your spouse is cheating, he will not want to take you out anymore.  He will want to spend time with his friends and will not take you to social events.  He will be afraid that you will meet the person he is cheating with and he will convince you to want to stay home and hang out with your friends.  He will do this so that he can spend time away from you or with someone else.

Social Media

When your husband starts spending more time on social media, this is not a good sign.  If he worries when you look at his phone or won’t let you on his social media, chances are he is cheating on you.  Demand him to let you see his messages and don’t let him give you excuses or make you feel guilty for asking.


Everyone wants to have some private time, but a husband that is being true will not overdo this.  If your husband is cheating and seems to want more and more private time away form you, chances are he is doing something that he shouldn’t be like talking on the phone with his girlfriend.


A woman has been given instincts so she can know when things are going on.  If something in your gut is telling you that your husband is not being true to you, ask questions, listen and investigate.  If you worry that you are being paranoid, don’t worry about it.  You should have a relationship that is strong enough that you can ask questions without feeling bad.  If your husband makes you feel bad, chances are he is not doing you right and you need to talk it over.

A man can do things that will suggest that he is cheating, and his behavior will point to it.  Don’t just let it go and don’t just conclude that you are paranoid.  Consider the things he is doing and ask questions and see if you can move on or if you need to get professional counseling.

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