When Affairs Happen

When Affairs Happen

When married couples have an affair, what happens with the relationship?  When there is an affair in the marriage, there are a lot of consequences that both parties will feel.  There will be distance, distrust and more.

Can Couples Last?

When an affair has happened with a married couple, chances are that the marriage will end, but what happens if it doesn’t?  Most people will refuse to move on once their partner has cheated.  But, when people have been married a long time and live in the same home, this is not always the best option.

Staying together depends on how committed to fixing it that both parties are.  People will look for things in their marriage and if they lack things, they will find someone else to get it from.

There are different types of affairs such as physical and emotional affairs.  These are lusts and desires that are probably not being met in the marriage.  When someone wants to reconcile the marriage, things have to change.

There are people that are with partners that are abusive and that cheat and so one of the parties might want to get out of the marriage.  When there is trouble in the marriage, leaving is sometimes the best thing.


There is no set way that affairs come between married people.  Sometimes, affairs happen because they are unhappy.  There is a time when being with someone else becomes easier and with the technology that we have today, this is not a hard task.

Sometimes when people are married, they will meet other people socially all throughout their marriage.  When an affair starts, they will start meeting secretly and then will continue in the open later.  When a friendship turns into an affair, this can be hard and feel more intimate than other relationships.

Ending the Affair

Most affairs between married couples do end because continuing an affair is hard.  Once the affair becomes known, it is hard for people to deal with the anger and the hurt.  When the spouse and the children are involved in the hurt, it becomes even harder to deal with.

The consequences between married couples that cheat can be hard to deal with.  They can be devastating for the family and sometimes it is hard for the other party to leave.  It is harder for women to leave than for a man to leave, so sometimes it is best to keep the idea of staying together close.

Sometimes, people do keep having affairs and when someone is married and works, social interaction can become a pressure.  They might have a hard time keeping separate lives and they might have a hard time going back to their partner that they were married to.  Even if they have been married for years, when an affair happens, it is probably because there is unhappiness in the home.

Sometimes, affairs happen because you tend to fall out of love.  This doesn’t mean that the person in the marriage is no longer devoted, chances are they are, but sometimes they move on and find something that interests them more.

When a married couple is together after an affair, they will spend a lot of time in counseling and it will be for deception and for messing the marriage up.


Being in a married relationship is hard and it becomes even harder when the marriage is stained by a cheating spouse.  When this happens, even if the marriage does not end, it will stay complicated for the rest of the life of the marriage.

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