Stop Being a Jealous Girlfriend

Jealous Girlfriend

Are you someone that is always looking at your boyfriends phone when it goes off or maybe you are a guy that is always calling your girlfriend to see where she is? Do you look on social media and find out who is tagged in your partners pictures?

If you do these things, chances are that you are jealous. Even if someone is giving you all of their attention, your partner might not have as good of a relationship with you as you thought.

Jealous Girlfriend

Being a jealous girlfriend means that you are overbearing, and it can cause you to end up broken hearted and single. This is a hard thing to stop doing once you become that person, but if you get over your jealousy and you become someone that can trust your boyfriend, you will see that you can have a good relationship.

There are ways that you can learn to stop being jealous and learn to make your relationship better.

Going Out with Friends

When you are jealous, you often become obsessed with the person you are with. You get to the point where you don’t want him to spend time with other people, even his friends or family. This might be because you are afraid, he will meet someone better than you.

There are signs that you can tell that you are starting to be jealous such as:

  • Always looking at his phone.
  • Asking him where he is and where he is going.
  • Getting mad when he doesn’t spend time with you.
  • Getting upset when he spends time with his friends or family.
  • Being upset when he is out with the “guys”, but other girls are there.

These things can be signs that you are jealous, and they can cause you to make excuses about why you are always calling or trying to get him not to hang out with other people because you claim that they are a bad influence for him. You might even be one of those people that make up an emergency so that he has to come right back home to you.

If you don’t allow your partner to have friends, then he is going to end up leaving you. Stop thinking about what he is doing and thinking that you have to be with him all the time. He needs to have friend time, just like you do.

He is your boyfriend and your best friend and once he gets back home, he will see how much he missed you that day.


You must have boundaries in all of your relationships. You need to make sure that you don’t have him tracked by a GPS or that you aren’t connected to his social media or his email. You have to stop looking at everything he does and everywhere he goes, or you are going to risk losing him.

Instead of being negative with him, learn to focus on the good things that you want to do with him. Do not make him feel that he is smothered by you because if you do, he will end up leaving you.

Tell him that you want to spend time with him but that you know he needs to have space and that he needs to have time with his friends. Do not ask him every detail of his life and his day or he will think you are stalking him.

Focus on You

Learn to take time to focus on who you are. You have a boyfriend, and you love him, and he is coming back to you. Focus on increasing your security and your self-esteem. Show him that you believe in him and that you are confident in your relationship.

Take time to do things such as take a class, go to the gym, get your nails done, go out with friends. Challenge yourself to be better.

Focus on being the best you can and having fun in your relationships. Stop worrying about him disappointing you and learn to be comfortable in what you have.


One of the best ways to make a relationship work out is by communicating. People are not mind readers and they don’t know what you want. Even though you need to not complain about all the things he does, if you get upset about something, tell him.

Stop being jealous and do this by learning to talk to him. Talk to him in a positive way and don’t be passive aggressive. When he wants to know what is wrong, tell him and speak up about what you are feeling. He will never understand why you are acting that way if you don’t talk to him.

It is hard work to be in a relationship and if you want it to work out for you, you have to stay focused on what you want and be positive.

Learn to go out to dinner, dress up, take time to be sexy. Do things that makes your relationship stronger.

Remember that when you communicate, he should be able to say what he is feeling too. Do not think that a conversation should be one sided. Allow him to say his peace and make sure that you are not telling him all the bad things that he does in one sitting. Make sure that you are positive, and you don’t blame him for everything.

Learn to Trust

If you get mad at your boyfriend for talking to other girls and then you start to question him, chances are you will fall into the jealousy trap. Just because he talks to another girl doesn’t mean that he wants to date her.

You have to learn to trust your partner. Trusting him is even more important than communicating with him. When you learn to trust your partner, you will be happy, and you will not feel that you have to be jealous.

You are the only one that is in control of how you respond to jealousy. Remember this is a hard thing to get over once you start, the better you learn to trust and communicate and the less you are jealous, the more positive and happier your relationship will be.

Learn to listen to each other and give them space when they need it. Work on yourself but also work on both of you and together you can be a happy couple.

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