How Men and Women Fall in Love

Fall in Love

There are different things that a man goes through when he falls in love with a woman. Women will fall in love and will want to text and send cute emojis, but a man will be different. How do we ever know what a man is really thinking when he falls in love?

Men love to fall in love, but it takes them a while to really feel happiness about it. Women immediately have strong feelings when they like a guy, but a guy doesn’t really work the same way.

How Men Fall in Love

Men and women fall in love differently even though love is all the same. Everyone loves in similar ways, but men look at love differently and they embrace it differently than women do.

When you are a man and you want to date, it is a conquest. He will want to find someone that matches with him and when he goes on a date, even the first one, he automatically looks to see if this girl could be his life partner or not. He will do what he can to impress her if he finds that she could be.

On the other hand, some men will go out on dates just to get laid. He will not try to find out if she is the one, but he will see what she is made of.

How Fast to Men Fall in Love

A girl might fall in love right away, but guys are different. Maybe he will try to seduce you and get you in bed and he will tell you that he loves you almost right away to get this.

A girl will look at this guy and will think that he is falling in love with her, but the truth is, he is not really falling in love with you, but he is just trying to impress you.

Are Men in Love When They Miss You?

Girls think that if they are around a guy a lot that he will fall for her. The truth is, this only makes it easy for him to use her because she is always there.

The best thing to do is to just go out on dates with him but give him a lot of alone time and space. Don’t allow him to use you and don’t always be ready when he calls.

This will cause him to keep you on his mind. You need to make sure you are posting on social media and that you are sending small flirty texts when he texts you so that he can think about you.

If you decide you want to go out with friends and meet new people, do it. Do not sit around and way for him but make him wonder who you are talking to and what you are doing.

Do Guys Run from Love?

Some guys will run when they fall in love and this happens because he is not falling in love with you, but he is trying to make you love him.

When he knows you like him, he will see if he likes you and wonder if you will make a good partner for him. Sometimes a woman gets confused when guys do things because they don’t understand their behavior.

Once he starts going after you, this means he is probably falling in love with you. When you see him running away, this means he might already love you, but he is afraid of the relationship and afraid of being committed.

What Men Think About Love

When a guy falls in love, the first thing that he thinks is to panic. He becomes confused and he doesn’t know if he wants to settle down. If he is waiting to go on more dates, he might be questioning his feelings for you.

But if he feels that you are wroth is, he will do what he can to be with you. He will love you deeply and he will go after you.

Stages of Love

Now that you know how a man falls in love, you have to know that sometimes they run because they love you.

If you want to understand how a guy feels, you have to understand the stages he goes through when falling love.

Stage 1

This stage is where he will appreciate you and how you look and act.  He will be attracted to you and even though women fall in love because of emotions, men fall for women because of how they look.

The way a girl looks is important to men. Men have their own preferences in what they want and how they want a girl to act. This doesn’t mean he just wants to have your body, but it can be small things you do that make him think of you.

He may not even know what he likes about you, but something attracts him to you in the appreciation stage.

Stage 2

This is the infatuation stage. This means men will appreciate women and they will try to get your attention. This doesn’t always work because sometimes the woman is busy, or she isn’t interested in him. This is the stage where men will try to date you.

A man might like you, but he doesn’t get infatuated with everyone he dates. Once he does, he will try to get with you in different ways.

He will be attracted to you and want to go out with you. He will not forget you or the way that you hold yourself.

Stage 3

This is the attraction age, and this is where he will start pushing to date you and get to know you. He will be able to walk away from you until he gets to this stage.  If you reject him, then he will walk away but if you show any interest in this stage, he will try to get deeper with you.

He will go after you because he likes you at this stage.

Stage 4

This will be the stage where he will try to impress you. He will like you, but he is not in love with you. He will see if you will make a good mate for him.

He will want to give you gifts and take you out, but he will be looking to impress you in any way that he can.

Stage 5

This is the conviction stage. This means that you are at the place where he thinks he is falling for you, but he is more worried about you falling in love with him.

He would want you to get to know him and he will keep dating you but if you act a certain way or not interested, it will confuse him.

This is where he will fall for friends or someone he knows because it is comfortable. He will try to impress her and take her out on dates. He will work in this stage to make you like him back.

Stage 6

In this stage, the reaffirmation stage, he will want to know if the girls are going to fall in love with him or not. He likes dating her and he likes where things are going.

Up until now, he was not sure if he liked her, but he wanted her to like him. He will do what he can to focus on the relationship and he will realize that she is the girl he likes. Once the girl loves him back, he will start to become serious with her and to show love to her.

He is selfish in this stage, but he doesn’t want to waste his time or get his feelings hurt over someone. Now that he knows the girl likes him, he will figure out if he really wants to be in a relationship with her and if she will be happy with him.

Stage 7

This is the love stage. Once he knows that you love him back and he loves you, he will be ready to fall in love with her. If he is not sure that she likes him, he will go back to another stage or he will get out of the relationship because of the confusion.

Have you ever dated someone that was a jerk at first but then he started being really romantic and loving? This is why.

Dating Game

Now that you know how a man feels in love, you might see that the whole dating scene is like a game. It might annoy you to have to go through the stages to make a man fall in love with you. When men fall in love, you have no choice but to go through it.

If you really want this guy to fall in love with you, you have to not be obvious that you like him. You have to make hi chase you and not let him have you right away.

Never give into him easily and make him work hard to love and respect you. He will never want to leave you if you do this because he will do what he can to catch you.

Men and women fall in love in different ways. If you are looking of a man to fall in love with you, be patient and always be yourself.

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