Being the Best Girlfriend

Being the Best Girlfriend

There is so much information about dating and about being a good girlfriend. This is not cooking your partners best dish or wearing sexy clothing or even learning how to be hot in bed, even though these things do help.

When you can understand how the male mind works and what they look for in a relationship, it can help you to learn how to relate more to your partner and how to have a happier relationship with them.

One of the biggest ways to have a good relationship is to be the best you can. Some people fall in love and when there is a problem or a misunderstanding, they do not know how to make things better and they are fast to blame their partner for all of the problems.

The truth is that this does not work, and you can never make anyone fall in love with you. The best thing you can do is be the best you can be and then your partner will want to live up to your level.


Some problems in relationships happen because women expect so much out of men. She wants him to meet her needs and then she gets mad when he doesn’t. She also doesn’t ask for what she wants, and chances are he does not know, even if she gives a hint. The man will then be upset because he never feels that what he does is not good enough and it is a never-ending cycle.

Neither person wants to fight but the problem is that they do not know how to talk to each other, and this is because their communication is different. Men do not notice subtle hints the same way that women do, and they need things spelled out for them.

If you get mad at your partner, do not be passive aggressive when he asks what is wrong. Saying nothing is wrong only leads him to be more frustrated because he knows something is definitely wrong. The best thing you can do is to just tell him what he did wrong and that way he knows and can fix it.

If you are angry when you talk to him, chances are he will shut down and will not want to fix the problem and will just get angry back.

Most arguments happen when there are issues that are not resolved and sometimes this causes a woman to feel like her partner does not care about her. If she gets mad because he doesn’t call her back or if he doesn’t help after she has worked all day, there might be a big fight when the issue really has nothing to do with either of those things. When you want him to know something, tell him?

Appreciate What He Does

Women do not always realize what their guy does nor do they realize that guys want to have attention. Even though women love to feel loved, some feel loved when a man is giving her what she wants and what she needs. Sometimes though, women will give to their men and will appreciate what they do while men really want to know that they are important for what they provide.

A man wants to know that all of the things he strives for and the effort that he puts into the relationship is seen. If he takes you out, show him how much you love and appreciate him and let him know how good of a time that you had. Men like to be complimented and so you can tell them how thoughtful they are and tell them that you are thankful for them.


When you date someone, you need to make sure that you have the right intention in what you do. For example, if your man is late coming home from work but he has been out finding you the perfect gift, instead of getting mad for him being late, let him make over you and give you a gift. Take time to be thankful for that and stop looking at his actions but look at what his heart is saying.

Even though we all get annoyed sometimes, no one is going to be perfect and there will be times when he will not do something you want but if you focus on what he is doing right, it will make things easier and happier in your relationship.


Everyone needs their own space sometimes and often times men handle stress by wanting to be alone. Women are different and will want to call their friends and talk about all of their problems, but men are different. Women get mad sometimes when guys shut down for a while and feel rejected or left out.

If your man seems stressed about something and closed off, let him have his time. If he wants to tell you what is wrong, he will. Do not push him and do not cause more stress for him or he will go further in himself. Men know it isn’t easy for women to give them space, but this can help to let the relationship grow.

Outside Relationships

Both you and your partner should be able to go out with their friends. You should be able to have a girl’s weekend and he should be able to play pool or hang with the guys.  When a guy gets into a relationship, he should never make you the only person in his life.

This kind of relationship makes it where you could end up being in a bad relationship years down the road. A guy that is only about you has no reason to really marry you.

Another issue is that you cannot be the only thing that makes your man happy. He has to have balance and with the pressure of any relationship, you can get to the point where you resent who your partner is for giving up so much of your life and vice versa.

Having other relationships outside of your partner is good and if not, it can end up causing you to be in a bad and unhealthy relationship.

Men fall in love with women when they are not in his face all the time. If you are always there, chances are he will not have the chance to deepen the bond that you are sharing with him. Keep the relationship fresh and do this by giving yourself and your partner a break. Take time to let the relationship rest for a few days and let them long for you.

It is fun to hang out with your partner anytime you can and it is good that your guy wants a lot of your time, but if you are giving up your time every time he asks you, you are not encouraging him to grow deeper in your love.

Care for You

Do not stop working to make yourself better just because you meet someone. Keep dying your hair and working out. Keep your legs shaved and always look your best. Even though this was part of your pre-relationship ritual, it is better to keep this up once you are in a relationship so you can keep the spark going.

You do not always have to keep your makeup on and always be ready for the ball, but you should make an effort to look good for your man. Put your best face on and do not just stop because you get serious about someone.

Looking good helps to keep the passion alive and helps to keep your man lusting after you. Women in relationships will often begin to stop wearing their nice clothes, switch to sweatpants and messy hair and will not even get fixed up to go out. Doing this will cause your guy to be less attracted to you and he will not understand why you are not keeping yourself up.

Laugh and Smile

Always be happy and smile. Let your man see that you have a great attitude and that you love to be around him. A smile can get you everywhere and this kind of attitude is spreading. Don’t let your guy be your emotional garbage can. When you see him, be happy even if your day is bad.

See the good in all the situations that you are in and learn to be happy in your life. Just because you are with someone does not mean you should look and feel miserable. Being like this will only turn your guy away.

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