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Single Moms Should Avoid the Following 10 Men

Single Moms Should Avoid the Following 10 Men

I am an independent parent (mom). After giving birth to my son, I took 3 solid years to get back into the dating field. When you are a mom, dating is not all about you but about your child. Regardless of whether the man knows or not, I have to test him. Does he fancy kids? Or will he take more consideration into his BMW? Does he prioritize his boys?

Dating should be awesome, exciting and taking of a break from single parenthood. Therefore, do not waste your time with the following men on this list.

  1. Sugar Daddy

This the guy who always talks about money and his expensive designer clothes. Leah Klungness a psychologist says that individuals who love flossing about what they got just reveal their priorities in life. “it’s all about things” says Klungness. In that, he is not looking forward to settling soon or meeting your kid anytime soon. He wants to be in control of everything since he feels insecure. Regardless of what he drives, if he doesn’t compliment how you look, he’s not the one.

  1. The Guy Who Text-Only

Although texting is the easiest way of communication, there’s a difference between single mom dating and single woman dating. You, therefore, need to work on your communication since you can’t be available each and every time for face to face communication. If he can’t keep you company on skype or on phone for more than 20 minutes when your child is asleep, he is not dating material for you.

  1. Deadbeat Dad

It’s hard to co-parent with an ex especially in terms of finances and visits. This may prompt you to just let it slide when you see him not visiting his kids with excuses that his ex is crazy or that he wasn’t ready to be a dad. But do not fall for that.

Those are just cover-ups. The fact that he abandons and doesn’t care for his kids should be an excuse to not fall for him. You probably don’t want to be burdened.

  1. Party Holic

Yes., single moms too have a right to have fun. But caring for a baby all drank is not right. If your man thinks that staying out all night having fun is an ideal date then trust me, he won’t even wake up at 5 am to change the diaper.

  1. Home Wrecker

You will at first ignore everything that’s happening in your life to hang out with him. However, if he always doesn’t come to your rescue when you have a problem, that’s an indication that something’s wrong.

If helping you out with your responsibilities don’t interest him, then he’s not actually into you and is most definitely seeing other women.

  1. Instantly Dad

He wants to meet your kid immediately and you’re wondering why. That’s just a way of trying to let you know that he’s okay with your status as a single mom. However, don’t feel pressured with this. Introduce him when you’re sure that’s what you want. If he doesn’t want to agree with that then let him go.

  1. ADD

You don’t want to feel like you are dealing with someone who doesn’t pay attention to you when on a date but keep focusing on that lady at the bar or that game on a TV. Be with somebody who pays attention to important things. That man is just letting you know that you are not his responsibility.

  1. A Man Who Always Has Issues

He doesn’t want to see a doctor but is always depressed. The reason why you shouldn’t date a man with issues is that you will not want him around your kid. There is also a high chance of his problems getting in the way of your relationship with him. There’s no way you can help him. Just wish him well and run.

  1. Mama’s Boy

If he picks his mom’s calls or visits her often there must be a reason for that. Maybe she’s in poor health or is emotionally unstable or was widowed recently.  Do not forget that men that treat their mothers well are usually keepers. However, if there’s no essential reason why he’s so attached to his mom then it’s time for you to rethink about the relationship because his mom is his main squeeze, not you.

  1. Your Neighbor

He’s always nice to your kid, hot and single. You can be tempted to date the guy next door, but do not date him if you are not serious with him. He will still be your neighbor if things end badly. This will make your kid question your relationship too.

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