Single Parent Dating

How to Win the Heart of a Single Mom

Win the Heart of a Single Mom

Not all single men are cut out for dating a single mother. It takes someone special to want to be involved with a woman who must commit a large portion of her time to her children. However, those who are willing to give it a try will learn that the majority of single mothers make great partners because they are nurturers by nature. They tend to have an amazing capacity for compassion, commitment, and flexibility. For the single guy that finds himself drawn to a single mom, the tips below will help you win over her heart.

Family Date Night

If you have been dating a single mom and things have progressed enough to meet her children, take some initiative and suggest a family type date night. The first time meeting her children should be kept short and kid centered. The goal is to endear yourself to the children without overwhelming them. Try a trip to a kid friendly movie, a trip to the park, or even just a short trip for ice cream. The mother will be impressed that you have had such a wonderful idea and it eases the children into getting to know you. When on this family date, refrain from kissing the mother or even holding her hand. This is kid focused and they should feel special. Affection toward the mom can be seen as a threat and you want to be a welcome addition.


For the most part, the biggest obstacle to a single mom’s dating life is finding childcare. If she cannot find a sitter or a family member to watch the children, offer your help. You may have a friend or younger family member that is up for the job, so offer. Make sure it is someone you trust fully and take the time to let your date talk to and meet the babysitter ahead of time. This is the kind of assistance that will earn you points with a single mother.

Pamper Her

Single moms, especially those who work, rarely take time just for themselves. Any type of me-time activity is worth all the effort on your part. If you can take her children for a weekend or find a sitter to give her some alone time, then do it. If this is too costly, treat her to an hour long massage, a mani/pedi, or a facial that does not take long. You will get high marks in her book.

Support Her Parenting

It can sometimes be a challenge to not express opinions on how she parents, but try your best not to interfere. This can be more challenging if you are also a single dad and have different standards for raising your children, but it is not your place to push your choices or reprimand her children. If she asks for help or advice, then be willing, but discuss options privately. Then, if she wants to incorporate your ideas if she chooses. Kids will always listen to a biological parent more willingly so keep your relationship with them as non-confrontational as possible unless asked.

Her Kids Come First

Most importantly, know her children come first. This can break relationships in which the guy does not understand and respect this. She feels responsible for their welfare and they will always be a priority. Let her know you understand this. She can still be a loving companion, but she will always be a dedicated mother. Single moms are amazing when it comes to sharing love with everyone.

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