Online Dating

Finding love online

Finding love online

It seems like everyone is lucky in love. So why are you alone? As you ask yourself this question, you join the hundreds of thousands of people who are making profiles and flirting with their online matches. Yet, you are still single. What could you be doing wrong?

What is making you so unlucky in the romance arena? Are you prepared for love and creating the opportunity for romance?  Are you making any effort for love to find you?

Ask yourself this:

  • Are you happy with the matches you meet?
  • Do you think that guys are only looking for one thing?
  • Is online dating too much trouble?
  • Are people responding to your profile?
  • Do you think you are spending too much time online?

Almost everyone who has tried dating online asks the same questions.

Men and women both are looking for a meaningful relationships.  Some are paying for a dating coach and they all put effort in to putting their best and most flattering foot forward. They are online and proactive putting as much time into finding a mate as they do putting themselves in line for a promotion.

Unfortunately women don’t feel comfortable doing the pursuing. This is a gender role that has been ingrained in us for centuries. We tend to lurk on dating sites and don’t really run after each and every person who sends us a message.  However, if you don’t have a plan when you start online dating, you’re not going to do well in the game.  Remember that not every message you answer will mean a match. Not ever match will result in a date, and not every date will make you a lifelong mate.  If you don’t initiate contact, you will not do well.

Men have a list of similar complaints

They think that most women’s profiles are the same. They think that women are only looking for a sugar daddy. They think that because women have more choices, they will never write back. They think that women want them to pay for everything. They are under the impression that all women do is complain and they don’t want to date the same women they saw online they last time they looked on the site.

How do you get around this? Realize that women can, indeed, make the first move. There are dating apps, such as Bumble, where women are allowed to make the first move.  Women need to take control of their romantic lives.  It is still true that men are flattered to hear from women. Matches can be made. It is how the subsequent meeting goes that can make  or break a relationships.

Almost everybody who is seeking a partner is online looking.  If they are over 18 and have access to a computer, they are probably online dating.

If everyone is dating, how do you make a match? Before you set up your profile, make a list of what you are looking for. Take any negative language out of the list.   Turn everything you have into a positive trait.

And if you set up a date, don’t bring the outdoor drama to the table. TI’s ok to be yourself, but you don’t have to bring all of your problems to the table with you.   Before you start the process, ask yourself if you are the person that you would like to date.   Don’t be afraid to initiate a date with someone new and different from someone you’ve dated before.

Don’t set up ultimatums in your profile.  That streak of negativity will only make people pass you by.

Finding love does make a bit of luck, but you can help it along if you stay informed and stay positive.

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