Be Ready to Meet Your Soulmate in 5 Easy Steps

Be Ready to Meet Your Soulmate in 5 Easy Steps

Its time for you to climb out the dating pool and into the arms of your one true love.  Yet, you might feel lost on how to achieve this goal.  Read on to discover how to gain the love you desire and deserve.

We promote and thus attract people based on our energy levels.  To create a healthy and loving romance, you must first be a healthy individual.  A balanced energy is one that is secure, while a toxic energy is insecure.

Insecure energy is centered around the dance of taker and caretaker.  Both behaviors have roots in poor sense of self or issues with abandonment.  People displaying this energy feel another person controls their value and ability to be seen as worthy of love.  Takers portray themselves as egotistical, demanding and needy.  Caretakers are overly selfless, doting on a taker to receive validation and adoration.  This creates a cycle of codependency that erodes the foundation of the relationship and results in people staying together because they are afraid of being alone.

Secure energy is what you seek.  People radiate their ability to own their thoughts and actions.  They create their joy and have healthy self-reliance.  Because they know how to love themselves, they can share their love safely with others.  Having a deep-seated sense of self-worth, they don’t crave external approval or attention.  As such, these people will attract other with a similar mindset and are more apt to have healthy and long-lasting romance.

Once you can made yourself well and cultivate secure energy in your life, you can take simple steps to attract your soulmate.

  1. Cultivate internal self-worth and validation

You must view yourself through a loving inner lens.  Listen and trust your inner voice.  It will help you navigate around any woundedness and gremlins that seek to steal your joy.  No matter what your doubts may say, you are good enough and worthy of having passionate love.  As you begin to love and value yourself you can grow your knowledge of what is important to your spirit.  You will be able to have excess love to share with a partner in a way that avoids neediness.

  1. Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Your Inner Wisdom is there to help you grow and promote enlightenment.  It helps you be responsible for your thoughts, actions and behaviors.  You control how you experience both happiness and disappointment, not your partner.  This wisdom has no label and be viewed by how you experience the spirit and the divine.  It transcends your physical body and mind into a more universal consciousness.

  1. Learn How to Manage Rejection and Negative Feelings Lovingly

Before you can process someone’s feedback of you, you must first understand and value yourself.  Both pain and joy have lesson to teach us about resiliency and compassion.  When you learn to trust yourself, you can navigate difficult waters without any need for external assistance.  You will also avoid coping through an addiction or controlling behaviors like rage, blame or shame.

  1. Learn to Parent Yourself

Often our issues with self-esteem are a result of issues we had with our parents.  This is not to say your parent didn’t love you or want what was best for you.  In reality they were, and are, flawed just like us.  They might not have been able to express their feelings in a healthy manner, and as a result, acted in a way that didn’t give us the support we needed at that time.  Forgive their transgressions, and begin to overwrite negative echoes with more loving self-speak and self-care.

  1. Become Happy as an Individual, rather than Needing a Relationship to Make You Happy!

Discover how to be your own best friend.  Be bold and take yourself out on dates!  By enjoying your own company and learning how to be a happy person, you can show yourself and others you are self-reliant and whole.  This will attract others with a more healthy and resilient mindset.  As a result, you can create a truly fulfilling and an empowering relationship.

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